Is this the right monitor for me?

EMFIT Movement Monitor is used for people above 34lbs (for monitoring 1 person).

The EMFIT Bed Motion Monitor is designed to monitor one person and will detect shaking or jerking movements such as those encountered during convulsive seizures, muscle spasms and erratic movements while in bed.  In such instances, the EMFIT Motion Monitor transmits a signal to the bed-side alarm (or optional wireless pager) which alerts the provider via an alarm sound.  When used for people under 34lbs, we recommend that the sensor be placed under the mattress's fitted sheet (under a waterproof mattress cover), directly under the person's torso. 

OPTIONAL ITEMS AVAILABLE: Remote alarm that will signal up to 100 feet from the Emfit Bed Motion Monitor bed-side unit AC Adapter, 5 V DC

To have a complete alarm system for one person, you only need purchase the Emfit Bed Motion Monitor.

FEATURES: The Emfit Bed Motion Monitor can be used for those 34lbs or greater, and will alarm you of abnormal movements.

The monitor can also interface with most nurse call systems, wireless transmitters and personal emergency phones with the included dry-contact output (NO and NC)- Please call us for these options.

Bed Motion Monitors are designed to detect shaking or jerking movements such as those encountered during convulsive seizures; this unit will also detect milder seizure-type movements.  If you require a monitor for bed absence, please see our other products.

Our Bed Motion Alarm Systems will give you peace of mind.  It allows the person being monitored a sense of privacy and security.  Everyone will feel the comfort in knowing that sleep time will be a safe and enjoyable experience.

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