EMFIT AC Adapter for Bed Motion Alarm Monitor

EMFIT AC Adapter for Bed Motion Alarm Monitor
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Product Description

**THIS IS A MEDICAL GRADE AC ADAPTER for use with the EMFIT Motion Monitor ONLY**

The monitor is sold separately, however the whole unit is designed to detect abnormal movements such as those found in seizures.

The Emfit Movement Monitor is designed primarily to detect abnormal movements from a sleeping person; examples are those who are experiencing muscular convulsions such as an seen in epileptic seizures/convulsions. The Emfit Movement Monitor is not classified as a Medical Device. It is designed for general population use, and is available for sale in the USA and Canada only.

The EMFIT monitor uses advanced technology that monitors movements while an individual is sleeping. Convulsive-movement monitoring, like that found in a epileptic seizure are a good example. Prolonged irregular movements result in an alarm being generated by the monitor.


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