ST2 Bed Motion Alarm - Complete System - monitor motions such as Epileptic Seizures for users 14lbs and up

ST2 Bed Motion Alarm - Complete System - monitor motions such as Epileptic Seizures for users 14lbs and up
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**THIS UNIT IS NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME** ST2 BED MOTION MONITOR - Used to detect abnormal movements such as seizures.

The Medpage ST-2 is a monitor designed primarily to detect and raise an alarm from a sleeping person experiencing muscular convulsions such as an epileptic seizure or convulsions caused by hypoglycemia in a diabetic person.

The ST-2 monitor uses patented technology that provides dual detection functionality. Convulsive-movement monitoring, like that found in a epileptic seizure. A sensor is placed under the mattress or a child's crib mattress. During sleep normal movements are ignored by the sensor. Prolonged irregular movements result in an alarm being generated by the monitor.

The alarm transmitter has many functions that are useful for patient care. In addition to providing alarm signals from the Medpage ST-2, the transmitter has a call button and a socket that allows connection of standard hospital type nurse call switch and some specialist easy operation switches for the physically disabled. The transmitter has built in tone alarms that can be set to produce a sound alarm when a bed motion monitor has detected a convulsive-type movement. In some cases, the unit may also detect the loss of breathing and bed absence, however it is NOT a GUARANTEED feature due to the many types of beds and mattresses, box springs, etc. You can view the operating manual by clicking the link below.

ST2 Product Manual Download


The monitor can, IN SOME CASES, can detect a persons breathing and raise an alarm should breathing stop. For breathing detection, the sensor detects the minute movements created by breathing. If breaths become very slow or stop altogether, the monitor will generate an alarm. The breathing monitor can be disabled. In breathing monitoring mode, the monitor will also generate an alarm should the user leave their bed. Convulsive activity is detected in either operating mode.

There is no set of parameters to establish suitability of this feature with the user other than an actual test. This is due to various bed types, mattress types, user weight and size, as these are all contributing factors. For example, a three year old child sleeping in a double bed would be considered beyond sensible risk. Likewise, a child of three years or younger sleeping in a single sized bed with a memory foam mattress would be considered a risk. A child of three years sleeping in a crib with a normal crib mattress could use the breathing function.

The breathing monitor will be suitable for most adults in most bed types. The minimum weight for a child for cot use is 14 lbs. Convulsive detection would still be possible in all examples. IF YOU CANNOT PERFORM AN ACCURATE BREATHING TEST WITHOUT 'FALSE POSITIVES' YOU MUST DISABLE THIS FEATURE.


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